On the Horizon: Good Grief, Lisa/Liza.

The more despondent strands of grief must be amongst the most crippling of emotions once entwined in the everyday, and yet it's the yarn from which such great artistry has continually been spun over epochs and aeons. Portland, Maine's Liza Victoria (at the minute operating under the slightly transparent nom de plume Lisa/Liza) is – and this becomes immediately apparent upon the pressing of play – the latest in a long line of great grief weavers. Grief Wave may sound as though recorded on Windows' inbuilt voice recorder program, as static crackles and even silence hisses, yet this only adds to its laboriously dolorous, almost incantatory effects. It's a dream; a dark and disenchanting nightmare for the lovelorn, but a beguiling piece of emotivity immortalised forever, no matter how lowly its fidelity may be. It's profound, and vulnerable, and intensely affecting as, arguably, all recorded music ought to be.

Lisa/Liza's Soundcloud.