Sopor Stupor, The Voyeurist.

If you've swung by of late, you'll probably have caught a certain little GIF flashing away in the corner of your eye. Whilst it may coyly attract and avert your gaze, it's the industrial melancholy that The Voyeurist peddle that'll have you incontrovertibly seduced. With the longlist to this year's Glastonbury Emerging Talent competition out in the open, we can officially put it out there that we voted wholeheartedly for the London-based trio, the audacious drum machine pop lilt of Messiah sealing the deal in a ferocious, bloodied scrawl. Sopor, their latest recording cropped up over the weekend via the troupe's Soundcloud, and pertains to the jittery agitation of previous recordings, dual vocals adding depth and texture to chorus-laden guitar lines. Peer into the frenetic whirr of The Voyeurist here.
  Sopor. by TheVoyeurist

The Voyeurist's Soundcloud.