What's Theirs Is Ours Is Now Visions Of Trees'.

This week Swedish popstrels Those Dancing Days released their sophomore LP Daydreams & Nightmares. It's spectacular in places, utterly raucous in others and there's nigh on no tweeness in earshot. That was preceded a while back by the swoonsome I'll Be Yours, and having scaled the crests of Hype Machine previously it ought to do just that all over again in the wake of the bewitchingly operatic Visions of Trees rework, streamed below. Mangled vox and celestial synth work snatched from SALEM-haunted catacombs collide in cataclysmic euphoria.
  Those Dancing Days - I'll Be Yours (Visions of Trees Remix) by Radar Maker

Similar ground-smattering stuff can be located at Visions of Trees' Soundcloud.