On the Horizon: Conjuring Fuzzy Delirium, Craft Spells.

Reclaiming Seattle from the clutches of stereotype, buzzsaw guitars and relentless scuzz is Justin Paul Vallesteros, who then roped in a cronie or three and became Craft Spells, a dreamy quartet that sound a lot like The Drums think they sound. Which is pretty dumbfounding. Exchanging unerring pretence for quite sublime, wafty estival anthems, see, or rather hear the chillwave gloss of After the Moment to experience the mythical genre at its most heartwarming. Were the sun some sort of earth-ravaging UFO that beamed mortals up into its core via the medium of sunrays, that voyage skywards may feel a little like Craft Spells sound. The faded sepia tones of the video to the track document stumbling about suburbia as cuts and copies fade into and out of one another.

Like a Real Estate best savoured for the sunniest days of summer, it's utterly preposterous Craft Spells haven't already been strapped onto Primavera Sound's best line up yet. Their debut LP, Idle Labour is out March 29th. We're overexcited, so you may as well be too...
  After the Moment by CraftSpells

Craft Spells' all-too-sparse Soundcloud.