Frenziedly Announced, Daphni.

Rooted to the epicentre of Emeralds' 12" masterstroke of 2010 Does It Look Like I'm Here? was the pulsating, claustrophobic Krautrock of its title-track. Emerging in the wake of the glittering ambience of Goes By, its onset provided a startlingly turbulent point well worth strapping in for as it went on to morph into a bestial delight over seven minutes thirty. It's now been reworked not once, but twice by Daphni (aka Dan Snaith, aka Caribou) and his subtly radical interpretations are to feature on limited wax released via Snaith's very own imprint, Jiaolong. Its A-side features this galaxy bounce, launched into reverberating clacks and fervent percussion redolent of Snaith's own Bowls that's bolstered by space age synth mutilation.

The flipside meanwhile takes the track to another dimension as unremitting yet muffled palpitations crunch down on blip-laden interludes, minimal beat, and a gradually intensifying sense of ominous gloaming.

Snaith's Soundcloud.