On the Horizon: Buoyant Post-Dubstep, Comodo.

Featuring hefty yet minimal percussion, hacked up and vaguely sensual vocal samples, and a clamourous lower end Nottingham native Oli Shilling assembles both irrevocable and essential post-dubstep fare for the most part, for which spin Float. Sounding a little like John Talabot re-imagining Sweet Female Attitude's Flowers, it demonstrates an exceedingly astute ear for perfectly murky skiffle.

It's the crackling atmospherics and spectral vocal footprints that tread lightly through Havana however that demonstrate a defter dexterity still on Shilling's part before the garage-tinted groans of Archangel intervene, slathered lovingly over Hebden-esque shuffle and the cymbal frenetics of Walthamstow bros Rocketnumbernine.

Comodo's Bandcamp.