Back Round Again, Carousels.

Nick Benton's Carousels were one of the more instantly adorable acts purveyed at last year's inaugural, perpetually dark-cast Old Blue Last blowout Binnacle as they outshone (at least subjectively) the likes of Halls, and Mafia Lights, and those pesky impostors of all things wild and bestial, Weird Dreams. They outed two rudimentary shoegaze-y numbers by the names of Sleep and Here To Me, before promptly vanishing from the face of the blogosphere, bleeding the Soundcloud dry. Seemingly now expanded into the fully-fledged five-piece they'd inevitably end up requiring to recreate the tracks sooner rather than later (now being most incontrovertibly later) this latest demo, entitled Stay With Me, is still maintained by pedalboard manoeuvre and includes a geetar solo evocative of Ash in their prime but it's all channeled through a considerably more mellifluous, honeyed gusto. Now arguably more Teenage Fanclub than To Here Knows When, it's a return as welcome as those recent MBV remasters.

Carousels' Soundcloud.